On Sunday, April 14, 2013, the members of MSBC voted unanimously to approve a facilities improvement project.
The Board of Trustees will contract with Pine Brook Corporation of Kittery, Maine to provide construction management and general construction services.

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Construction Manager Website - Pine Brook Corporation

Update 9/1/13: We are making slow progress in the approvals and permitting process for our facilities improvements projects. Members of the Board of Trustees and representatives of Pine Brook Corporation have been working on costs and budgets and have met with the Historic District Commission. The Commission has informally requested restoration work on the exterior of Peirce Mansion which will far exceed our budget capacity. Specifically restoration of the existing wood clapboard siding rather than new replacement siding and restoration of the existing windows would be extremely expensive and will not provide long term relatively maintenance free finishes. Trustees will continue to negotiate with the Commission, but for the purpose of protecting the buildings and making necessary repairs as soon as possible, certain specific sections of the scope of work will be separated and permitted separately.

The proposed exterior work at the Peirce Mansion would include complete restoration of the cupola with replacement windows, new flashing, and cleaning, repair, caulking and repainting; restoration or replacement of the upper and lower level balustrades and rails, and related roof repairs or re-roofing; and may be able to be approved and accomplished within the budget projections.

The proposed new work on the Church building would include re-flashing the steeple as it connects to the roof, weather-sealing the existing brick masonry on all four sides of the steeple and on the entire north wall of the building and on the east wall as it surrounds the rear stairway, (areas where water infiltration and interior damage has occurred,) and related repair of interior wall finishes. This work should not require Historic District Commission approval and hopefully can be accomplished in the next few months.

Update 11/1/13: Work is now in progress on some of the improvements. Following a series of meetings with the Historic District Commission, significant resistance to the proposed scope of work and denial of an initial request, we have permitted and begun the work which can be done without the Historic District Commission permission. Exterior masonry sealing and repairs, and interior water damage repairs are in progress on the church building. Exterior repairs and restoration of the cupola, rails and balustrades and related roof work are in progress on the Peirce Mansion. Trustees will be exploring options for the proposed exterior siding and window work on the Peirce Mansion, including the possibilities for additional financing through grants. That restoration work will probably be delayed until next fall.