As the Pastoral Search Committee has moved ahead in their work, updates on their status were found here.

4/5/13: Seacoast Online: Middle Street Baptist Church's Pastor to Retire

4/17/13: Portsmouth Herald: Rev. Martindale Retiring in Portsmouth

Update 5/31/13:
Communication is an important part of the job of the Pulpit Committee. Although much of what we do is confidential, we want the entire congregation to know that we are working diligently. The Pulpit Committee is meeting the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and we will meet throughout the summer months. Rev. Dale Edwards, Executive Minister for the American Baptist Churches of VT and NH, is working with us as a consultant and providing the Committee with guidance and direction. Our first responsibility is selecting an Interim Minister. The interviews have begun and the Committee will continue to communicate to the congregation as we move forward with the selection process. We covet your prayer and encouragement during this search process.

Update 7/21/13: We welcome Rev. Cynthia Strosahl who will lead us through an interim period while we continue our work in search of a settled full-time pastor.

Update 9/1/13: On July 28th, we welcomed Pastor Cynthia Strosahl as our Interim Minister. Leadership change is an important milestone for MSBC and Pastor Cyndi will support our congregation through preaching and pastoral care as we prepare for a "settled" pastor.

The Pulpit Committee meets twice a month and we met throughout the summer months. Our first responsibility was selecting an Interim Minister and with Pastor Cyndi in place, we can now focus our responsibility on the search for a "settled" pastor. We will continue to rely on Dale Edwards, Executive Minister for the American Baptist Churches of VT and NH, as a consultant through this process.

Our faith will hold us together during this interim period because God is working with us. This is a journey we will travel together as a congregation and we will be ready for a settled pastor - not in our time but in God's time. We thank you for your continued daily prayers and words of encouragement.

Update 12/1/13: The Pulpit Committee has been meeting twice a month. We have received 41 profiles of prospective candidates through Dale Edwards, Executive minister for the American Baptist Churches of VT and NH. He continues to work with us as a consultant and provides the Committee with guidance and direction. Dale also interviews the candidates and checks on their background, education and references. He has become a valuable resource to us.

We have discussed the profiles and we have begun interviewing selected candidates. The process is exciting and also one that requires patience, deliberation and much prayer. Waiting is not easy but we are looking at it as a time of learning of our dependence upon God.

"But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired". - Isaiah 40:31

Update 6/1/14: The Pulpit Committee is working diligently and waiting patiently while listening to God for His plan for Middle Street Baptist Church. We continue to meet as a committee twice a month, review profiles, interview candidates face to face, and listen to them preach at designated churches. The selection process works through various stages and some of these stages move rapidly while other have been more time-consuming than anticipated.

While waiting for the call and the coming of a settled pastor, we pray for renewal in purpose, in vision, and in understanding God's plan for MSBC and in our lives.

Update 9/1/14: We have prayed, we have worked diligently over the past 15 months, and we waited patiently on God's time and His Will during the Pastoral Search.

We are excited to announce that we have a candidate to present to the congregation. Chris Daniel Dunaway has accepted the call to candidate at MSBC on September 7th.

The Committee had received over 60 profiles and resumes from prospective candidates. We interviewed 14 candidates and listened to their sermons. After prayerful consideration, the Committee unanimously recommends Chris Dunaway to the congregation for consideration as Pastor of MSBC.

Chris and his wife Jaime have visited Portsmouth and they have toured the church building and parsonage. They are eager to meet our church family on September 7th.

We thank everyone for faithful prayers and patience during this pastoral search as we all waited patiently on God's time and His will.

9/1/14: Farewell letter from Rev. Cynthia Strosahl - Interim Pastor

Update 9/7/2014: The members of MSBC have voted to accept the Pulpit Committee's recommendation for Chris Dunaway to be our new settled pastor! More information to come!